Specialty Care

Specialty care is health care focused on improving the well being of certain specialized categories of health, as opposed to general and overall health and well-being.

Your primary care provider may refer you to professionals in various specialties when necessary.

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Reid Health Physician Associates provides specialty care in the following areas:

Heart Care

Richmond Cardiology Associates (765) 962-1337 Request Appointment More Info
New Castle Cardiology (765) 575-8169 Request appointment More info
Bethel Cardiology of Greenville  (937) 316-6350  Request appointment  More info
Reid Vascular Surgery  (765) 939-9331  Request appointment  More info

Endocrinology Care

Reid Endocrinology Center  (765) 478-6108  More info

Ear, Nose & Throat

 Reid ENT  (765) 966-1600 More info


 Reid Dermatology  (765) 966-1600 More info

Hearing Care

 Reid Hearing Center  (765) 966-1600 More info

Allergy Care

 Reid Allergy  (765) 966-1600 More info


 Reid OB/GYN  (765) 962-9541  More info

General Surgery

 General Surgeons  (765) 962-6053  More info

Cancer Care

 Reid Oncology Associates  (765) 962-8551  More info

Urological Care

 Urological Care  (765) 962-8551  More info

Ortho & Spine Care

 Reid Orthopedics  (765) 935-8905  Request appointment  More info

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

 Reid Plastic & Reconstructive surgery  (765) 983-3050  Request appointment  More info


 Reid Podiatry  (765) 935-8866  Request appointment  More info


 Reid Pain Management  (765) 935-8866 More info

Psychiatric Care

 Reid Psychiatric Associates  (765) 983-3050  More info

Pulmonary Care

 Reid Pulmonary Care  (765) 935-8943  More info

Rheumatology Care

 Richmond Rheumatology Center  (765) 935-8923  More info

Infectious Disease Care

 Reid Infectious Disease  (765) 935-8928  More info

Neurological Care

 Reid Neurology Associates  (765) 939-7711  More info

Sleep Disorders

 Reid Sleep Disorders Center  (765) 983-7966  More info