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We provide the most technologically advanced Ear, Nose and Throat services in the region with state of the art equipment and advanced procedures for ENT disorders.

Otolaryngology is the study of ear, nose, and throat conditions or ENT. It is the oldest medical specialty in the United States. Physicians specializing in otolaryngology are called otolaryngologists or by nickname “ENTs” or “ENT doctors” and often treat both adults and children with disorders related to ear, nose and sinuses, throat, and neck.

The Reid Hearing Center utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to properly and effectively diagnose your hearing problems. We can also provide hearing instruments when needed.

Our Allergy Clinic administers safe and effective treatment options for the relief of allergy symptoms.

Above all, our mission is to continually provide our patients with the most advanced medical and surgical care available today from infancy through adulthood.
For your convenience, we supply a list of downloadable patient history forms to fill out before an appointment.

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The providers at Reid ENT take care of multiple ENT issues, including:

  • Otology (diseases of the ear)
    • Infections
    • Hearing disorders
  • Laryngology (disorders of the voice and swallowing)
  • Head and neck
    • Tumors
    • Growths or cancers in the throat, neck, parotid gland and/or thyroid gland
  • Pediatric ENT
    • Ear infections
    • Tubes
    • Tonsil and adenoid problems
  • Facial skin lesions and skin cancers.
  • Balloon Sinus Dilation – New in-office procedure

Balloon Sinus Dialation via Entellus Medical

We’ve Moved!

Reid ENT, The Hearing Center, and The Allergy Clinic have moved to their new location at 1434 Chester Boulevard.

Quick Links:View press release on new building.

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